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Welcome to the Project Catalog for DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program. The list of available projects will be updated throughout the application period. Applicants can select up to five research projects from the Project Catalog and must enter the “Reference Codes” in the application. Use the APPLY NOW button to login to Zintellect where you will enter the reference codes and submit your application.​ For detailed program information and application guidelines, please visit

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​Available Projects

Discipline Area
102 Total Projects
Statistical Models Validation for Risk Management of Electric Outage ForecastsLANL-Pasqualini2Mathematics and Statistics; EngineeringProbability and Statistics; Energy Engineering11/29/2016
Standoff Microwave Imaging for Concealed Threat DetectionMITLL-MoulderEngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering11/29/2016
Creating Working Memory for Neural Networks for Use in Artificial Intelligence ApplicationsPNNL-HodasComputer SciencesArtificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing)11/29/2016
Risk Management & Continuous Quality Improvement Program EvaluationICEHSC-MoonComputer Sciences; Life, Health and Medical Sciences; Social and Behavioral SciencesPopulation Medicine, Public Health and Epidemiology; Risk Analysis; Information Technology and Organizations11/28/2016
Understanding the Link between Tropical Storms and Climate Change or Flood Risk AssessmentLANL-PasqualiniEarth and Geosciences; Mathematics and StatisticsAtmospheric Sciences; Probability and Statistics; Climate Dynamics11/28/2016
Validation and Optimization of Decontamination Technologies and Approaches.PIADC-SchuttaSocial and Behavioral Sciences; Life, Health and Medical SciencesMicrobiology; Virology; Risk Analysis11/23/2016
Analyzing New Computer Applications for Compliance with Computer Security RequirementsPIADC-CorteseComputer SciencesComputer Science (General); Information Security and Assurance11/23/2016
Development of Spectroscopic Databases on Designer and Emerging DrugsCBPLSS-RamirezSocial and Behavioral Sciences; Other Physical SciencesChemistry (General); Analytical Chemistry; ---Social and Behavioral Sciences, All---; Criminal Justice11/23/2016
An Industrial Steerable Needle for Inspection of Extremely Confined SpacesLANL-Mascarenas3Computer Sciences; EngineeringArtificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing); Mechanical Engineering; Civil Engineering11/22/2016
Non-Isotopic Alternative Technologies White PaperSOPD-LiangPhysics; EngineeringHealth Physics; Nuclear Engineering11/22/2016
Explosive Screening and Detection Sub-Integrated Product TeamOBP-DeLanceySocial and Behavioral SciencesRisk Analysis11/22/2016
The Development of a Structural Health Monitoring Axiom for Measuring Structural Damage in Terms of ComplexityLANL-Farrar2Computer Sciences; EngineeringComputer Systems Design (including Signal Processing); Civil Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Artificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing)11/22/2016
Extending Automatic Structural Dynamics Extraction to Light-Field Imagers and Depth SensorsLANL-BowlanComputer Sciences; EngineeringArtificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing); Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering11/22/2016
Contingent Attention ManagementNRL-FouadComputer SciencesArtificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing); Human Computer Interaction; Information Science and Technology11/22/2016
Extending the Use of Power Tools to Aerial Robots for Infrastructure Repair and InspectionLANL-PrivetteComputer Sciences; EngineeringArtificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing); Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering11/21/2016
Database Validation: Identifying Pollen as a Method for GeolocationCBPLSS-Gerde2Life, Health and Medical SciencesBotany; Biology (General)11/18/2016
Computer Vision/Machine Intelligence for Transportation SecurityMITLL-ThorntonMathematics and Statistics; Computer SciencesArtificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing); Information Science and Technology; Applied Mathematics11/15/2016
The use of Array Processing Techniques for Measuring Infrasound From VideoLANL-YangComputer Sciences; Earth and Geosciences; EngineeringAtmospheric Sciences; Earth Sciences; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Computer Systems Design (including Signal Processing); Artificial Intelligence (including Robotics, Computer Vision, and Human Language Processing)11/15/2016
Augmented Reality for Enhanced Structural InspectionLANL-RogersComputer Sciences; EngineeringGraphics and Visualization; Human Computer Interaction; Civil Engineering11/10/2016
Visualization Techniques for Full Field Measurements of Structural DynamicsLANL-FarrarComputer Sciences; EngineeringGraphics and Visualization; Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering11/9/2016
Investigation of Marangoni Flow and Its Effect on Sample Preparation MethodsTSL-BradyOther Physical SciencesAnalytical Chemistry; Chemistry (General)11/4/2016
State-of-the-Art Analytical Methodology for the Quantification of ExplosivesTSL-Brady2Other Physical SciencesAnalytical Chemistry; Chemistry (General)11/4/2016
Advanced Acquisition and Analysis Methods for Explosive-Laden FingerprintsTSL-LareauComputer Sciences; Other Physical Sciences; Physics; EngineeringAnalytical Chemistry; Computer Science (General); Engineering (General); Applied Physics11/4/2016
Physical Properties of Explosive MaterialsTSL-SmithPhysicsPhysics (General)11/4/2016
Wireless Power Transmission for Disaster Response and Infrastructure ResilienceNRL-JaffeEngineering; Physics; Social and Behavioral SciencesElectrical and Electronic Engineering; Systems Engineering; Applied Physics; Urban and Regional Planning; Energy Engineering11/1/2016
Technical ReachbackSNL-NachtigalMathematics and Statistics; Computer Sciences; Engineering; PhysicsPhysics (General); Computer Science (General); Engineering Sciences; Probability and Statistics; Applied Mathematics10/26/2016
Development of Mass Spectral Database Using Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART)CBPLSS-TashjianOther Physical Sciences; Social and Behavioral SciencesAnalytical Chemistry; Chemistry (General); Organic Chemistry; Criminology10/26/2016
Examining Shoulder Range of Motion in Various Glovebox ConfigurationsLANL-ChanLife, Health and Medical Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics; Social and Behavioral Sciences; EngineeringAnatomy; Mechanical Engineering; Occupational Health; Industrial or Organizational Psychology; Analysis10/25/2016
Optimization of Forensic Drug Identification by Gas ChromatographyCBPLSS-BeachumOther Physical Sciences; Social and Behavioral SciencesAnalytical Chemistry; Chemistry (General); Criminology10/25/2016
Prediction and Control of Adaptive Complex Networks with Applications to EpidemiologyNRL-SchwartzMathematics and Statistics; Computer Sciences; Life, Health and Medical Sciences; PhysicsApplied Mathematics; Networks and Communications; Epidemiology; Theoretical Physics10/21/2016
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