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Welcome to the Project Catalog for U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Robotics Internship Program. As part of your application, you must select at least one project and sort your projects in order of preference with Choice 1 being your first preference.  While these preferences will be taken into consideration, it may not be possible for all applicants to be assigned to their first choice project.

​Available Projects

32 Total Projects
Design of Experiments Screening Study for the Dissolution of Plastics using Chemspeed Robotics PlatformYLANL-Semelsberger2/2/2021
Automation and Machine Learning for Robust and Self-Tuning Magneto-Optical TrapsYLANL-Krzyzanowska2/1/2021
Reinforcement learning for self-driving labsYANL-Balaprakash1/4/2021
Intelligent autonomous vehicle networks for search, detection, and trackingYLLNL-Goldhahn12/14/2020
UAS Navigation: Developing A New User-Pushed Flight ModeYLLNL-Stevenson12/11/2020
Development and deployment of Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) data collection systemsYANL-Stutenberg12/11/2020
AI For Manufacturing OptimizationYANL-Iloeje12/7/2020
Artificial Intelligence and Complex SystemsYANL-Stan12/7/2020
Multi-modal Human-robot Interaction Control of Wearable Robotic Assistive Device (Soft Robotic Assist)YANL-Park112/7/2020
Biology/Materials Science and Engineering for Electrospun NanofibersYLLNL-Mitchell112/7/2020
3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Engineer for NSR&DYLLNL-Mitchell212/7/2020
Nanofiber Production and Applications for NSR&DYLLNL-Mitchell312/7/2020
Autonomous Hydrogen Fueling Station (Plug Power)YNREL-Onorato12/7/2020
Large Scale 3D Printing ResearchYORNL-Post12/7/2020
Real-time and Autonomous Water Quality Monitoring and Animal Tracking System Using ROVYPNNL-Deng12/7/2020
Mixed-Reality Digital Prototyping of Modular Materials Robotic Platform (DMMRP)YANL-Park212/7/2020
Vibro-tactile Feedback for Telerobotic Operation for D&D TasksYANL-Park312/7/2020
Process Monitoring and Data Acquisition for Large Scale Metal Additive ManufacturingYORNL-Carter12/7/2020
Augmented Teleautonomy for Enhanced Telerobotic OperationYANL-Park412/7/2020
Real time learning and adaptation in exploration and navigation tasks using insect-inspired architecturesYANL-Yangus-Gil112/7/2020
Real time optimization of manufacturing processes using autonomous systems and in-situ techniquesYANL-Yangus-Gil212/7/2020
Design and Physics Tools Summer 2021 InternshipYINL-Ritter12/7/2020
Xray Diffraction Internship Summer 2021YINL-Rooyen12/7/2020
Active learning based 3D neural reconstruction from multi-view 2D image for UAV monitoring.YLANL-Castorena12/7/2020
Automatic Scanning of LEGEND detectorsYLANL-Massarczyk12/7/2020
Nuclear Threat Reduction using Data Analytics and Sensor NetworksYLLNL-Albin12/7/2020
Nuclear Threat Reduction using Data Analytics to Determine Uranium EnrichmentYLLNL-McFerran12/7/2020
Nuclear Threat Reduction using Data Analytics to Identify NuclidesYLLNL-Monterial12/7/2020
Developing the low-water autonomous deep learning Aerial Carrier-Ground Robotics to highly rescue dirty solar energy efficiencyYLLNL-Qin12/7/2020
Route Operable Unmanned Navigation of Drones (ROUNDS) InternshipYINL-Griffel112/7/2020
Artificial Neural Network for MSW CharacterizationYINL-Griffel212/7/2020
Autonomous Monitoring and Control for Advanced Energy SystemsYINL-Sabharwall12/7/2020