Count= 112
Using deep learning to detect intrusion into the CAN busORNL-KAY1*12/9/2019Yes
Pseudorandom Generators and derandomization of algorithmsORNL-KAY212/9/2019No
Characterization and quantification of seasonal variability in tidal signalsUSACE-TORRES1*12/4/2019Yes
Exploring the probability density functions of urban acoustic noiseUSACE-KAMRATH1*12/4/2019Yes
Porous Acoustic MetamaterialsUSACE-MUHLESTEIN1*12/4/2019Yes
1) Modeling soil and ice interactions in porous media and 2) Testing and Evaluation of AI ChipUSACE-LEIN1*12/4/2019Yes
Stochastic Modeling and Multivariate Analysis of Soil Microbiota and Biological AttributesUSACE-BARBATO1*12/4/2019Yes
Resolving patterning in ‘omics datasets using mathematical and statistical approachesUSACE-JONES1*12/4/2019Yes
Assessing Spatial and Temporal Variance of Soil under Meteorological and Biogeochemical conditions using Thermal, Lidar, and Alternative Sensing TechnologiesUSACE-CLAUSEN1*12/4/2019Yes
Nonparametric estimation of the force of infection to quantify model form uncertainty in epidemiological model.LANL-HENGARTNER112/4/2019No
Structure Embedding for Heterogeneous Spatio-Temporal DataUSACE-ELLISON1*12/2/2019Yes
Partially Embedded Network Classification and Learning (PENCL)USACE-PARKER1*12/2/2019Yes
Full Motion Video to 3DUSACE-MASSARO1*12/2/2019Yes
Mathematical Approaches to Secure In-Vehicle NetworksORNL-BRIDGES2*12/2/2019Yes
Semi-supervised Tensor Decomposition for Large-Scale Machine LearningSNL-KOLDA1*12/2/2019Yes
Statistical spatial modeling of soil organic carbonANL-BESSAC111/22/2019No
Nonlinear Optimization for Robust Design of ExperimentsANL-LEYFFER111/22/2019No
Discrete Optimization Models and Algorithms for Machine-LearningANL-LEYFFER211/22/2019No
Deep Probabilistic Machine Learning for Scientific DataANL-MADIREDDY111/22/2019No
Development of Graph Convolutional Neural Network for scientific dataANL-MALLICK111/22/2019No
Deep learning reduced-order models for computational physics applicationsANL-MAULIK111/22/2019No
Inverse Problems to Discover the Weights of Canonical Motor Microcircuits in the Spinal Cord from Experimental DataANL-RUDI111/22/2019No
Robust calibration and parameter estimation under uncertaintyANL-WILD111/22/2019No
Constructing Adaptive Grids for Polyatomic MoleculesNIST-SCHNEIDER211/22/2019Yes
Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Algorithms for Mixed Finite Element DiscretizationsSNL-TUMINARO111/22/2019Yes
Domain-informed graph neural networks for scientific applicationsANL-BALAPRAKASH111/22/2019No
Nonlocal Physics-Informed learning machinesSNL-D'ELIA1*11/19/2019Yes
Development of a Unified Nonlocal TheorySNL-PARKS1*11/19/2019Yes
Advanced Numerical Methods for Peridynamic Fracture ModelingORNL-SELESON111/15/2019No
Advancing High-Fidelity Discrete Fracture NetworksLANL-HYMAN11/15/2019No
Bayesian Uncertainty Pyramid: Bayesian Approaches for Assessing Model UncertaintyNIST-IYER111/15/2019No
Data Analytics to Select Materials for Extreme EnvironmentsPNNL-DEVANATHAN111/15/2019No
Deducing the cognitive catalyst for social contagion in a small fish model of collective motionUSACE-MAYO111/15/2019No
De-noising and signal processing of photon-counting LIDAR dataUSACE-MARCHANT1*11/15/2019Yes
Error and optimality of Finite Difference schemes in Density Functional TheoryORNL-FATTEBERT111/15/2019No
Heartbeat: Detection of Adverse Cyber Events by Power MonitoringORNL-PROWELL1*11/15/2019Yes
How Efficient Are Deep Learning Classifiers?NIST-IYER211/15/2019No
Implicit time-stepping method to solve Phase-field equations in a moving frameORNL-FATTEBERT211/15/2019No
Information and Generation Management BranchUSACE-SISTRUNK1*11/15/2019Yes
Lattice Gauge Theory with Finite GroupsORNL-ALVAREZ111/15/2019No
Mathematics Applied to Novel Models of ComputationLANL-MONROE*11/15/2019Yes
Quantum optimal control using high performance computingLLNL-PETERSSON111/15/2019No
Sensitivity of flow to material interfaces using the continuous sensitivity equation approachLANL-LU111/15/2019No
Sparsity Enabled, Fast Methods for Solving the Boltzmann EquationORNL-HAUCK111/15/2019No
Statistical Computing on Large Parallel SystemsORNL-OSTROUCHOV111/15/2019No
Scientific Computing and Learning for Image and Shape AnalysisNIST-DOGAN111/15/2019No
Using artificial intelligence to understand socioeconomic factors in cancer outcomesORNL-ERWIN111/15/2019No
Robust Learning for Implicit Monte Carlo TransportLANL-MATSEKH111/15/2019No
Numerical Determination of Controls for Chemotaxis ModelsORNL-NUTARO111/15/2019No
National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Goat 2019 Study - The Economic Cost of Parasitism in US GoatsUSDA-MARSHALL1*11/15/2019Yes
Decoding Inverse Problems with Differentiable Programming, Deep Learning, and SupercomputingORNL-LAANAIT111/15/2019No
Hybrid models of complex particle systemsORNL-HAUCK211/15/2019No
Machine learning based modeling framework to relate biomass tissue properties with handling and conversion performances.USDA-BERGMAN111/15/2019No
Quantifying Uncertainty of Life-Cycle Assessments for Forest Products: An OverviewUSDA-BERGMAN211/15/2019No
Quantum Compiling with Many-body Unitary OperationsORNL-DUMITRESCU111/15/2019No
Building High-Performance Scalable Geocomputation Capabilities for Global and High-Resolution Geospatial StudiesORNL-YLIU111/15/2019No
Methods and Interfaces for Quantum Accelerated Scientific ApplicationsORNL-POOSER111/15/2019No
Data Privacy and Secure AIORNL-ALAWAD111/15/2019No
3D Modeling and Visualization of optical and mechanical misalignments, aberations, and timing errors on optically based (terrestrial, airborne, and satelite) sensor systemsUSACE-OBER1*11/15/2019Yes
Collocation Methods to Solve the El;ectronic Schroedinger EquationNIST-SCHNEIDER111/15/2019No
NNSA-IAEC Subsurface Radionuclide Transport : Northeastern Negev Desert Vadose Zone Model DevelopmentLANL-STAUFFER111/15/2019No
Near Real-time Surveilence and Dynamic Optimal Control Policies for Infectious DiseasesLANL-SEVERSON111/15/2019No
Developing a Complexity-Based Framework for Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Infrastructure Damage Detection and MonitoringLANL-FARRAR111/15/2019No
Computational modeling & parameter sensitivity analysis in support of bioenergy productionLANL-SOLANDER111/15/2019No
Eulerian modelling of FSI problems using AMReXLBNL-GULIZZI111/15/2019No
Model development for CFD-DEM multiphase flow simulationsLBNL-PORCU111/15/2019No
Scalable algorithms for Bayesian inference for computationally expensive modelsLBNL-MUELLER111/15/2019No
Machine learning for quantum control and optimizationFNL-PERDUE1*11/15/2019Yes
Integrating physical constraints in machine learning models for groundwater predictionsLBNL-MUELLER211/15/2019No
Extending Fluctuating Hydrodynamics to the Low-Concentration LimitLBNL-LADIGES111/15/2019No
Modeling graphene squeeze film resonatorsLBNL-LADIGES211/15/2019No
Applying Machine Learning to Tackle Combinatorial Problems in Sparse Matrix FactorizationLBNL-GHYSELS111/15/2019No
Machine Learning Models for Nuclear Reactions in AstrophysicsLBNL-WILLCOX111/15/2019No
Understanding Artificial Intelligence from Topological DescriptorsLBNL-SANDERSON111/15/2019No
Development of autotuning framework using statistical and machine learning methodsLBNL-LI111/15/2019No
Active SubspacesORNL-BRIDGES1*11/15/2019Yes
Processing Big Data with Cognitive ComputingORNL-OMITAOMU1*11/15/2019Yes
A kernel two-sample test for comparing distributions over graphsORNL-LIM111/15/2019No
In-situ Statistical Inference for High Performance Computing SimulationsLANL-LAWRENCE111/15/2019No
Reducing the cost of chemical kinetics in combustion simulationsLBNL-FELDEN111/15/2019No
Acoustic Time Series Analysis using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksLANL-LIN111/15/2019No
Blended Quasicontinuum Atomistic-to-Continuum CouplingORNL-SELESON211/15/2019No
Using Qualitative Data to Parameterize a Mechanistic Model for a Cellular Regulatory SystemLANL-HLAVACEK111/15/2019No
High-performance deep learning algorithms using dynamical systemsLLNL-PAZNER111/15/2019No
Stochastic deep learning modelsORNL-ALAWAD211/15/2019No
Similarity Features in Graph AnalysisUSACE-SISTRUNK2*11/15/2019Yes
Exploring Digital Annealers for Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsLANL-NEGRE111/15/2019No
Probabilistic Graphical Models and Machine Learning for Image AnalysisLBNL-PERCIANO111/15/2019No
Probabilistic Modeling for Forensic Interpretation of DNA Mixtures Using Next Generation Sequencing DataNIST-IYER3*11/15/2019Yes
Generative stochastic networks for scalable error mitigation in quantum hardwareORNL-HAMILTON111/15/2019No
Investigation of 3D, Higher-Order Subgrid Algorithms for Modeling Vectorized Wave PropagationLANL-MEIERBACHTOL111/15/2019No
Mapping with Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)USACE-GASPELL1*11/15/2019Yes
Fundamental Understanding of Stochastic Optimization MethodsORNL-LIU111/15/2019No
Land surface feature extraction from remotely sensed imagery using geospatial methods and machine learningUSACE-LASKO1*11/15/2019Yes
Leveraging Multi-Source Remote Sensing for Inundation Mapping Over Complex EnvironmentsUSACE-SAVA1*11/15/2019Yes
Improving Nuclear Data Estimates and Uncertainties Using Machine LearningLANL-NEUDECKER111/15/2019No
High Throughput Phase RetrievalLBNL-MARCHESINI111/15/2019No
Anisotropic Tetmesh Scaling via Tensor FieldsSNL-QUADROS1*11/15/2019Yes
Numerical Modeling of Vessel-Generated Waves and Effects on Adjacent ShorelinesUSACE-MALEJ1*11/15/2019Yes
Bandit learning versus optimizationANL-MENICKELLY111/15/2019No
Developing quantitative prediction tool for drug binding and toxicityANL-JIANG111/15/2019No
Deep Reinforcement Learning based Recommender System to Model and Predict Mobility Pattern using Trajectory DataORNL-KAR111/15/2019No
NAHMS Goat 2019 Study- Biologics ValidationUSDA-MARSHALL2*11/15/2019Yes
NAHMS Disclosure Avoidance AutomationUSDA-MARSHALL3*11/15/2019Yes
Generating novel applications of normative decision theory, developing innovative approaches to analyze data, and sharing expertise in R and PythonUSDA-DELGADO1*11/15/2019Yes
Enhancing food security by modeling entry of prohibited agricultural goods through U.S. ports of entry from at-risk countries.USDA-COOK1*11/15/2019Yes
Machine learning approaches to automating tuning of quantum dot experimentsNIST-ZWOLAK111/15/2019No
Algorithms for optimization under uncertainty when function evaluations are computationally expensiveLBNL-NG111/15/2019No
Integrating Weather and Weather Impacts into Terrain Processing ToolsUSACE-HARDING1*11/15/2019Yes
Benchmarking Suite for Evaluation of Reconstructed ImagesLANL-SWEENEY1*11/15/2019Yes
Scalable and communication-avoiding strategies for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning modelsORNL-PASINI111/15/2019No