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Welcome to the Project Catalog for National Science Foundation (NSF) Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship (MSGI) Program. Students submitting an application to the NSF MSGI program are required to select at least one, but no more than three projects. Project preferences should be submitted in your Zintellect application at https://www.zintellect.com/Opportunity/Details/NSF-2020-NSF-MSGI. For detailed program information and application guidelines, please visit https://orise.orau.gov/nsf-msgi

​Available Projects

112 Total Projects
Using deep learning to detect intrusion into the CAN busYesORNL-KAY1*12/9/2019
Pseudorandom Generators and derandomization of algorithmsNoORNL-KAY212/9/2019
Characterization and quantification of seasonal variability in tidal signalsYesUSACE-TORRES1*12/4/2019
Exploring the probability density functions of urban acoustic noiseYesUSACE-KAMRATH1*12/4/2019
Porous Acoustic MetamaterialsYesUSACE-MUHLESTEIN1*12/4/2019
1) Modeling soil and ice interactions in porous media and 2) Testing and Evaluation of AI ChipYesUSACE-LEIN1*12/4/2019
Stochastic Modeling and Multivariate Analysis of Soil Microbiota and Biological AttributesYesUSACE-BARBATO1*12/4/2019
Resolving patterning in ‘omics datasets using mathematical and statistical approachesYesUSACE-JONES1*12/4/2019
Assessing Spatial and Temporal Variance of Soil under Meteorological and Biogeochemical conditions using Thermal, Lidar, and Alternative Sensing TechnologiesYesUSACE-CLAUSEN1*12/4/2019
Nonparametric estimation of the force of infection to quantify model form uncertainty in epidemiological model.NoLANL-HENGARTNER112/4/2019
Structure Embedding for Heterogeneous Spatio-Temporal DataYesUSACE-ELLISON1*12/2/2019
Partially Embedded Network Classification and Learning (PENCL)YesUSACE-PARKER1*12/2/2019
Full Motion Video to 3DYesUSACE-MASSARO1*12/2/2019
Mathematical Approaches to Secure In-Vehicle NetworksYesORNL-BRIDGES2*12/2/2019
Semi-supervised Tensor Decomposition for Large-Scale Machine LearningYesSNL-KOLDA1*12/2/2019
Statistical spatial modeling of soil organic carbonNoANL-BESSAC111/22/2019
Nonlinear Optimization for Robust Design of ExperimentsNoANL-LEYFFER111/22/2019
Discrete Optimization Models and Algorithms for Machine-LearningNoANL-LEYFFER211/22/2019
Deep Probabilistic Machine Learning for Scientific DataNoANL-MADIREDDY111/22/2019
Development of Graph Convolutional Neural Network for scientific dataNoANL-MALLICK111/22/2019
Deep learning reduced-order models for computational physics applicationsNoANL-MAULIK111/22/2019
Inverse Problems to Discover the Weights of Canonical Motor Microcircuits in the Spinal Cord from Experimental DataNoANL-RUDI111/22/2019
Robust calibration and parameter estimation under uncertaintyNoANL-WILD111/22/2019
Constructing Adaptive Grids for Polyatomic MoleculesYesNIST-SCHNEIDER211/22/2019
Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Algorithms for Mixed Finite Element DiscretizationsYesSNL-TUMINARO111/22/2019
Domain-informed graph neural networks for scientific applicationsNoANL-BALAPRAKASH111/22/2019
Nonlocal Physics-Informed learning machinesYesSNL-D'ELIA1*11/19/2019
Development of a Unified Nonlocal TheoryYesSNL-PARKS1*11/19/2019
Advanced Numerical Methods for Peridynamic Fracture ModelingNoORNL-SELESON111/15/2019
Advancing High-Fidelity Discrete Fracture NetworksNoLANL-HYMAN11/15/2019
Bayesian Uncertainty Pyramid: Bayesian Approaches for Assessing Model UncertaintyNoNIST-IYER111/15/2019
Data Analytics to Select Materials for Extreme EnvironmentsNoPNNL-DEVANATHAN111/15/2019
Deducing the cognitive catalyst for social contagion in a small fish model of collective motionNoUSACE-MAYO111/15/2019
De-noising and signal processing of photon-counting LIDAR dataYesUSACE-MARCHANT1*11/15/2019
Error and optimality of Finite Difference schemes in Density Functional TheoryNoORNL-FATTEBERT111/15/2019
Heartbeat: Detection of Adverse Cyber Events by Power MonitoringYesORNL-PROWELL1*11/15/2019
How Efficient Are Deep Learning Classifiers?NoNIST-IYER211/15/2019
Implicit time-stepping method to solve Phase-field equations in a moving frameNoORNL-FATTEBERT211/15/2019
Information and Generation Management BranchYesUSACE-SISTRUNK1*11/15/2019
Lattice Gauge Theory with Finite GroupsNoORNL-ALVAREZ111/15/2019
Mathematics Applied to Novel Models of ComputationYesLANL-MONROE*11/15/2019
Quantum optimal control using high performance computingNoLLNL-PETERSSON111/15/2019
Sensitivity of flow to material interfaces using the continuous sensitivity equation approachNoLANL-LU111/15/2019
Sparsity Enabled, Fast Methods for Solving the Boltzmann EquationNoORNL-HAUCK111/15/2019
Statistical Computing on Large Parallel SystemsNoORNL-OSTROUCHOV111/15/2019
Scientific Computing and Learning for Image and Shape AnalysisNoNIST-DOGAN111/15/2019
Using artificial intelligence to understand socioeconomic factors in cancer outcomesNoORNL-ERWIN111/15/2019
Robust Learning for Implicit Monte Carlo TransportNoLANL-MATSEKH111/15/2019
Numerical Determination of Controls for Chemotaxis ModelsNoORNL-NUTARO111/15/2019
National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Goat 2019 Study - The Economic Cost of Parasitism in US GoatsYesUSDA-MARSHALL1*11/15/2019
Decoding Inverse Problems with Differentiable Programming, Deep Learning, and SupercomputingNoORNL-LAANAIT111/15/2019
Hybrid models of complex particle systemsNoORNL-HAUCK211/15/2019
Machine learning based modeling framework to relate biomass tissue properties with handling and conversion performances.NoUSDA-BERGMAN111/15/2019
Quantifying Uncertainty of Life-Cycle Assessments for Forest Products: An OverviewNoUSDA-BERGMAN211/15/2019
Quantum Compiling with Many-body Unitary OperationsNoORNL-DUMITRESCU111/15/2019
Building High-Performance Scalable Geocomputation Capabilities for Global and High-Resolution Geospatial StudiesNoORNL-YLIU111/15/2019
Methods and Interfaces for Quantum Accelerated Scientific ApplicationsNoORNL-POOSER111/15/2019
Data Privacy and Secure AINoORNL-ALAWAD111/15/2019
3D Modeling and Visualization of optical and mechanical misalignments, aberations, and timing errors on optically based (terrestrial, airborne, and satelite) sensor systemsYesUSACE-OBER1*11/15/2019
Collocation Methods to Solve the El;ectronic Schroedinger EquationNoNIST-SCHNEIDER111/15/2019
NNSA-IAEC Subsurface Radionuclide Transport : Northeastern Negev Desert Vadose Zone Model DevelopmentNoLANL-STAUFFER111/15/2019
Near Real-time Surveilence and Dynamic Optimal Control Policies for Infectious DiseasesNoLANL-SEVERSON111/15/2019
Developing a Complexity-Based Framework for Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Infrastructure Damage Detection and MonitoringNoLANL-FARRAR111/15/2019
Computational modeling & parameter sensitivity analysis in support of bioenergy productionNoLANL-SOLANDER111/15/2019
Eulerian modelling of FSI problems using AMReXNoLBNL-GULIZZI111/15/2019
Model development for CFD-DEM multiphase flow simulationsNoLBNL-PORCU111/15/2019
Scalable algorithms for Bayesian inference for computationally expensive modelsNoLBNL-MUELLER111/15/2019
Machine learning for quantum control and optimizationYesFNL-PERDUE1*11/15/2019
Integrating physical constraints in machine learning models for groundwater predictionsNoLBNL-MUELLER211/15/2019
Extending Fluctuating Hydrodynamics to the Low-Concentration LimitNoLBNL-LADIGES111/15/2019
Modeling graphene squeeze film resonatorsNoLBNL-LADIGES211/15/2019
Applying Machine Learning to Tackle Combinatorial Problems in Sparse Matrix FactorizationNoLBNL-GHYSELS111/15/2019
Machine Learning Models for Nuclear Reactions in AstrophysicsNoLBNL-WILLCOX111/15/2019
Understanding Artificial Intelligence from Topological DescriptorsNoLBNL-SANDERSON111/15/2019
Development of autotuning framework using statistical and machine learning methodsNoLBNL-LI111/15/2019
Active SubspacesYesORNL-BRIDGES1*11/15/2019
Processing Big Data with Cognitive ComputingYesORNL-OMITAOMU1*11/15/2019
A kernel two-sample test for comparing distributions over graphsNoORNL-LIM111/15/2019
In-situ Statistical Inference for High Performance Computing SimulationsNoLANL-LAWRENCE111/15/2019
Reducing the cost of chemical kinetics in combustion simulationsNoLBNL-FELDEN111/15/2019
Acoustic Time Series Analysis using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksNoLANL-LIN111/15/2019
Blended Quasicontinuum Atomistic-to-Continuum CouplingNoORNL-SELESON211/15/2019
Using Qualitative Data to Parameterize a Mechanistic Model for a Cellular Regulatory SystemNoLANL-HLAVACEK111/15/2019
High-performance deep learning algorithms using dynamical systemsNoLLNL-PAZNER111/15/2019
Stochastic deep learning modelsNoORNL-ALAWAD211/15/2019
Similarity Features in Graph AnalysisYesUSACE-SISTRUNK2*11/15/2019
Exploring Digital Annealers for Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsNoLANL-NEGRE111/15/2019
Probabilistic Graphical Models and Machine Learning for Image AnalysisNoLBNL-PERCIANO111/15/2019
Probabilistic Modeling for Forensic Interpretation of DNA Mixtures Using Next Generation Sequencing DataYesNIST-IYER3*11/15/2019
Generative stochastic networks for scalable error mitigation in quantum hardwareNoORNL-HAMILTON111/15/2019
Investigation of 3D, Higher-Order Subgrid Algorithms for Modeling Vectorized Wave PropagationNoLANL-MEIERBACHTOL111/15/2019
Mapping with Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)YesUSACE-GASPELL1*11/15/2019
Fundamental Understanding of Stochastic Optimization MethodsNoORNL-LIU111/15/2019
Land surface feature extraction from remotely sensed imagery using geospatial methods and machine learningYesUSACE-LASKO1*11/15/2019
Leveraging Multi-Source Remote Sensing for Inundation Mapping Over Complex EnvironmentsYesUSACE-SAVA1*11/15/2019
Improving Nuclear Data Estimates and Uncertainties Using Machine LearningNoLANL-NEUDECKER111/15/2019
High Throughput Phase RetrievalNoLBNL-MARCHESINI111/15/2019
Anisotropic Tetmesh Scaling via Tensor FieldsYesSNL-QUADROS1*11/15/2019
Numerical Modeling of Vessel-Generated Waves and Effects on Adjacent ShorelinesYesUSACE-MALEJ1*11/15/2019
Bandit learning versus optimizationNoANL-MENICKELLY111/15/2019
Developing quantitative prediction tool for drug binding and toxicityNoANL-JIANG111/15/2019
Deep Reinforcement Learning based Recommender System to Model and Predict Mobility Pattern using Trajectory DataNoORNL-KAR111/15/2019
NAHMS Goat 2019 Study- Biologics ValidationYesUSDA-MARSHALL2*11/15/2019
NAHMS Disclosure Avoidance AutomationYesUSDA-MARSHALL3*11/15/2019
Generating novel applications of normative decision theory, developing innovative approaches to analyze data, and sharing expertise in R and PythonYesUSDA-DELGADO1*11/15/2019
Enhancing food security by modeling entry of prohibited agricultural goods through U.S. ports of entry from at-risk countries.YesUSDA-COOK1*11/15/2019
Machine learning approaches to automating tuning of quantum dot experimentsNoNIST-ZWOLAK111/15/2019
Algorithms for optimization under uncertainty when function evaluations are computationally expensiveNoLBNL-NG111/15/2019
Integrating Weather and Weather Impacts into Terrain Processing ToolsYesUSACE-HARDING1*11/15/2019
Benchmarking Suite for Evaluation of Reconstructed ImagesYesLANL-SWEENEY1*11/15/2019
Scalable and communication-avoiding strategies for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning modelsNoORNL-PASINI111/15/2019